Why are we different?

GREEN FIT was born as a new gym concept with a clear mission: to take care of each member from a holistic perspective.


Our first objective is to help our club members to develop an active and healthy lifestyle, integrating physical exercise and nutrition as the key to wellness in their lives.

Physical exercise

Through directed or virtual activity classes, with the equipment of our fitness rooms or with sessions led by the best professionals of the Personal Trainer service.s de actividades dirigidas o virtuales, con el equipamiento de nuestras salas de fitness o bien, con sesiones de la mano de los mejores profesionales del servicio de Entrenador Personal.


Our nutrition advisors design personalised diets according to the needs and objectives of each person, ensuring that daily intakes contain the basic nutrients for a correct diet.

Our facilities respond to the new requirements of sustainable equipment, following the environmental regulations on recycling and air renewal, as well as water consumption. That is why, in our improvements, we have incorporated small actions that collaborate to enjoy a GREENER environment:

    • Use of recycled paper towels.
    • Substitution of light bulbs for low-consumption electrical equipment.
    • Taps and showers with adjustable water flow.

Our member is a person who goes beyond purely training, looking for a pleasant practice of physical exercise in the best conditions, in healthy spaces with the most innovative equipment and the latest trends in the FIT world.


  • Directed classes: yoga, pilates, GAP, Zumba, spinning and virtual spinning, Body Pump, Body Combat, TBC, etc.
  • Cardio equipment: bikes, ellipticals, steps, treadmills…
  • Free Weight Stations
  • Cross Fitness Box
  • Functional training
  • Stretching
  • Nutritionist Service
  • Personal Trainer Service

Welcome to the new way of understanding your life.

Welcome to GREEN FIT

The gym of today, to take care of yourself and feel good tomorrow.

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