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Services at our gym in Sardenya


In all our centres you will have additional services to offer you the best possible experience. With our services you will always go hand in hand with our professionals, who will help you to achieve your objectives and reach all your goals. Below you can see all the services we offer:

Unlimited Access

To our three centres: Sardenya Club, Lepanto Club and Sant Boi Club.


Discover all our supervised classes, equipment and training stations.

Nutritional Advisor

Be in good health, inside and out, thanks to a correct diet.

Personal Trainer

Qualified professionals according to the most demanding sporting standards.

Directed classes at Green Fit Sardenya


Discover our supervised classes and sign up for them at our Sardenya Club. You’ll find all kinds of supervised activities: from high-intensity classes with the aim of burning calories to others with sessions aimed at relaxing the mind and body, such as yoga or pilates. In general, you will find classes such as: Zumba, yoga, pilates, GAP, spinning and virtual spinning, TBC, etc. Check the sessions and timetables of your Club.











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Facilities at our gym in Sardenya

The Sardenya club is more than just a centre, it is a new concept with which you are sure to achieve everything you set your mind to. You are not just joining a gym or a club, but a family. After years of hard work, we have managed to create a great community of people who love health and sport. Join our centre and you will have unlimited access to any of the GREEN FIT clubs. We are waiting for you!

Team of our gym in Sardenya

In all our clubs you will have additional services to offer you an unbeatable experience. With these services you will go hand in hand with our professionals, who will try to help you to achieve all the goals you set yourself. Below you can see all the services we offer:



Club Manager


“Motivation is what gets you going and habit is what keeps you going”.


All my life I have been in contact with sport. I am a qualified personal trainer at the Escuela Europa in Sant Cugat, with experience in Australia and Spain. Specific course in Functional Training and Chiromassage, taken at Orthos. Notions of Nutrition.





“There is no better feeling than achieving what you have fought so hard for, setting yourself a goal, overcoming all the obstacles and reaching the finish line, proud of what you have achieved”.


Qualified in Physical Conditioning in Fitness Room and Directed Activities and Personal Trainer by the ESHI school in Barcelona. Certified as a Les Mills Bodypump instructor.





“The secret to progress lies in your persistence. Every day that you choose to exercise, you are one step closer to your best version of yourself. Don’t give up, keep going and turn your efforts into extraordinary achievements”.


Trained in Superior Degree in physical sports activities. He is also qualified as a personal trainer, UEFA level 1 trainer and in high performance training in football.





“In this life your body is your home, and you only have one. Take care of it, nurture it and put it to the test; develop it so that it can be the vehicle that leads you to live as the best version of yourself”.


Trained as a Hatha vinyasa yoga teacher at the Yoga Mandiram school in Barcelona and qualified in Physical Conditioning with musical support at the Royal Escola de Formació. I have done multiple trainings related to therapeutic movement, dance and holistic health.

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